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FACT: No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore when looking to buy from a business.

FACT: TV/radio/print advertising drives prospects to Google a business before actually contacting them. Maintaining an organic presence online that targets appropriate audiences is the deciding factor between market share domination and barely surviving…if not failing. Despite what other SEO “pros” are saying, achieving a “First Page” ranking on Google couldn’t be anymore fundamental. To call this “difficult” implies a level of complexity and uncertainty that just isn’t so. The simple fact is that our techniques used to rank for an “easy” keyword are the same to use on a “hard” keyword.

Did you know the first position in Google owns 36.4% of the traffic for that associated keyword? This means whomever controls the first position ranking also commands over a third of all traffic for that term.

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Although social media networks were a novelty only five years ago, that fact couldn’t be further from the truth today. The importance of social media is no longer debated however; it is only a “part” of your overall marketing strategy. Social media alone, without a clear strategy will not achieve the results that businesses desire. Social media marketing must be a part of a business’ overall marketing and PR mix. Therefore, with a solid plan accompanied by other tools of the trade are of the utmost importance such as; SEO, email marketing, event marketing, mobile marketing, print display ads, etc. The top challenges businesses have in using social media are:

  • Lack of time
  • Inability to measure value
  • Difficulty integrating social media with other business activities
  • Lack of budget

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Our online classes offer personal instruction, and detailed instructional booklets for you to download and keep.



  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Facebook for Small Business
  • Hootsuite for Beginners/Advanced
  • Using Google+ for Business Success

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Clients & Testimonials

Many Satisfied Clients & Partnerships

  • I really LOVED your class.  You really know your stuff!  I have your card taped on my wall! The first thing I need to do though is get my new website together and I'll be meeting with John to make that happen. Your input will be very instrumental after I have that completed. I'm really glad to have met you! Thank you again!
    Karen C.
  • Thank you for putting on two wonderful workshops! They were very informative and enjoyable. You provided me with terrific social media help that met all of my needs!
    Alexa B.
  • "Kimberly, you did a great job with helping to make the SBA's "Tribute to SCORE’s 50th Anniversary" video a success. Thank you again for all of your assistance and putting everything together at the last minute. You made it happen!"
    Jeffrey K. Boyd
    Sr. Public Affairs Specialist Office of Communications and Public Liaison U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Thank you for the great information at the Social Media Workshop! I feel so much more equipped to take on Twitter and planning my social media marketing strategy.
    Sofia P.
    Artist & Entrepreneur
  • Thank you for offering these social media workshops! They have been so very helpful and informative. You are truly a social media guru!
    Tenisha H.
    Business Owner
  • I want to say thank you for a very informative, engaging, and useful class. I had a class on communications in school and we covered Facebook and it wasn't as helpful as your class. It was wonderful meeting you and I look forward to attending your other classes!
    Sasha H.
  • “Kimberly came on as a consultant to help streamline a process. I couldn't believe that she not only came up with a solution in just one day, but also had our technical team in Texas on board and ready to go the next morning! She is truly amazing.”
    Camillia S.
    Project Manager, Bank of America
  • "Kimberly, thanks again so much for coming to the first annual Bite at the Beach in Manhattan Beach and covering the social media on the event -- you killed it!"
    Jennalee Infanto
    Localite LA Public Relations
  • First of all I have to say that your class was the most entertaining, fun class I’ve attended through S.C.O.R.E. to date!  I’m a firm believer that life is so much easier with a smile and I smiled lots in BOTH of your classes. Have a great weekend and thanks again!
    Joe P.
    Business Owner
  • The Social Media Marketing Strategies class was excellent! I look forward to this afternoon's class on Hootsuite.  I'm already preparing for the class, hours in advance! See you there!
    Michael L.
  • "When it comes to understanding how important social media is to a company; I can NOT endorse anyone other than Kimberly. Trying to qualify her knowledge and expertise in the subject cannot be done in this undersized recommendation. I understand enough on social media to say that Kimberly is the only person I know that has the skill set and willingness to share her infinite knowledge on the subject with those whom are trying to catch up on social media trends. I do know that it is with great pleasure to recommend her for taking the stand and willingness to educate me, my staff at SCORE and the City of Los Angeles personnel."
    Steven Marks
    Executive Vice President, SCORE Los Angeles
  • "I've met with multiple media companies over the last 6 months, and I received more in-depth information and learned more from you than any company that I've met with. Your presentation was so through, it was evident that you put a lot of thought, time and effort into it. It was such a pleasure meeting with you and we look forward to working with you."
    Kevin C.
LA City